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The Common Target Areas for Laser Hair Removal

Lately, the removal of hair from the face and other regions on the body by the use of laser hair removal has been growing on popularity.

These are the areas of the body that laser hair removal treatments are usually targeted for: 


It is becoming more widely accepted for women and men to use laser treatment for facial hair removal. Women who have hair above their upper lips or chin or on the sides of their faces prefer this method for easier and quicker relief. Since the face has very sensitive skin, the reactions may be a little painful and last for more than a few days. The treatment sessions themselves may be quick as they are less than an hour typically, but to get all of the hair in the area, it could be several sessions. This is chosen by men for several reasons, including for those who do not wish to shave every day anymore, or for those who are afflicted with razor burn. Some men also need to remove the hair in the ears and find it safer and quicker to do so through laser.



Men also opt to use this method to rid themselves of chest hair that they do not wish to have. Chest hair for men can be removed using laser treatment, leaving the area smooth and hairless. Men and some women also target their backs for hair removal. Hair on the back seems to be inclined to re-grow quickly, so this needs to be done with professional care. It typically takes between 50 to 60 minutes to perform laser hair removal on a back, but it’s more effective than waxing methods. The amount of hair on the back is the deciding factor when it comes to the time taken, and the cost involved.


Underarm hair is common in men and women and causes perspiration. In most cases, underarm hair removal is permanent, and having it removed with laser takes typically under an hour’s time. One such treatment can remove the unwanted hair from under the arms forever.


Commonly, laser hair removal is used to rid a person of unwanted bikini area hair, or leg hair. Body hair in these areas is a big concern for those who wear bikinis and swimsuits. Depending on who is getting the treatment, it could be the bikini area only; and some women want all hair in the area removed completely. Brazilian treatment is what this is commonly called. Leg hair removal is the simplest hair to remove for both women and men, and it’s faster than other regions. Some women specially prefer hair removal on their legs from the ankle to just above the knee.


Someone’s general appearance is improved by removing hair from specific areas. Lately, having hair removed in many body areas is becoming commonplace, for aesthetic reasons. Shaving and waxing were the only options for hair removal until laser treatments became well known. These days, the fast, safe and inexpensive method of laser hair removal treatments is well known by the public.


Soft hair on very visible portions of the body may take less time in each sitting and need lesser number of sittings before there is complete satisfaction. Coarse and thick hair will naturally need longer periods in each sitting and areas like the back will need frequent sittings before the desired results are achieved.


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