So here it is, the page with the goods.–our affordable prices! We have an honest, up front pricing policy where you get what you pay for. We’re not going to lock you into a “membership” that charges your credit card monthly for way longer than you’ll need. Or offfer a “guarantee” with lots of fine print. We just have a simple per-treatment price list and offer a discount if you want to buy a package of multiple treatments up front. That’s it. No guesswork or surpise expenses. Plus, if you do find lower prices anywhere in the Delray Beach/Deerfield Beach areas–we’ll beat ’em.

The prices listed here are for each treatment of a body area. Or, if you’d like, you have the choice to purchase a package for even more savings, but we certainly don’t require it.

Don’t see your treatment area on the list? Fear not, we can laser just about any part of the body. We do nose hair, ear hair…you get the picture. Give us a call and we can give you a quote over the phone. Let’s get creative!

To see illustrations of the body and face areas that will be covered in your treatment, click here.

Cost per Treatment Three Treatment Package Six Treatment Package Eight Treatment Package
I $120.00 $240.00 $450.00 $560.00
II $200.00 $410.00 $800.00 $940.00
III $240.00 $500.00 $920.00 $1530.00
IV $320.00 $660.00 $1230.00 $1520.00
V $320.00 $830.00 $1540.00 $1830.00
Session Length Wrinkles/Fine lines Sun Spots
15 min $400.00 $300.00
30 min $600.00

Consultation free – 15 min

6% Tax added
Cash & CreditCards Accepted

Subject to change without notice.
All packages must be paid for in advance.
Price match policy: You find it we will match it or beat it.

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Nagada Med Spa uses the most effective lasers available for hair removal.

After tons of research about the different types of lasers out there, and many years of experience using different lasers, we have chosen the Candela GentleLASEā„¢ 755nm Alexandrite laser, and 1064nm YAG lasers for many reasons.


Let’s start with type of laser (Alexandrite and YAG), then we’ll cover the brand (GentleLASE, GentleMax). Here goes:


Different types of lasers are determined by their wavelengths. When choosing a laser for hair removal, you most often want a longer wavelength, so that the beam can reach even the deepest hairs. Depending on the type of hair and where it is on the body, a hair shaft will grow anywhere from 1mm to 5mm deep. The wavelength of the 755nm Alexandrite laser allows the beam to penetrate as deep as hairs can grow, 5mm.


IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment, which is very common around the Delray Beach, is generally referred to as laser hair removal, even though it does not use a true laser. IPL machines have a shorter wavelength than most lasers and are not as effective at targeting the deeper, thicker hair; they are more successful when used to remove fine, thin hairs with shallow roots. Although it is not found to be the best machine for hair removal, several med-spas choose IPL’s because they are very versatile and can do many other types of skin treatments that the med-spas offer.


At Nagada Med Spa, our goal is hair removal, and hair removal alone. That’s why we use the Alexandrite laser, which is hands down, the best technology available for removing hair. The Alexandrite laser works much faster than other types of lasers such as the ruby and diode lasers, and effectively targets the hair root. However, the Alexandrite laser beam is limited in other ways. It is not the best or safest laser to use on darker skin types or tanned skin. This is where our YAG wavelength laser comes in. While the Alexandrite laser treats lighter skin types, the YAG laser is the safest choice for darker skin types or people who are too tan for the Alexandrite.



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